custom value while edit lightbox

i have built custom gantt lightbox and add custom field as well as added end time in tree column, when i do double click on node, selected value is not coming in custom field. could you please help in that.
please see below code for custom lightbox and column

{name:“name”, height:25, map_to:“name”, type:“textarea”, focus:true},
{name:“description”, height:60, map_to:“item_desc”, type:“textarea”},
{name:“time”, height:30, map_to:“auto”, type:“duration”},

gantt.config.columns = [
{name:“text”, label:“Items”, tree:true,width:170 },
{name:“start_date”, label:“Start date”, align: “center” ,width:90},
{name:“end_date”, label:“End date”, align: “center” ,width:90},
{name:“duration”, label:“Duration”, align: “center” ,width:50},
{name:“add”, label:"", width:40 }

Thanks in Advance.


What field do you mean? “item_desc”?
Please check that you have this property in event data.

In this sample all works correctly with your configurations.
If this doesn’t help you to solve the ussue, please creade a demo where the problem can be reproduced.