custom xml format

Hi I had same problem as following url … nge%20tags

I downloaded the patch given in that post but i m confused how do i use it? tried to include from the html file and also tried to copy and paste code but it didn’t work. Can you please help me how can i apply the patch?

Just include attached js file after dhtmlxgrid.js or add its code to the end of dhtmlxgrid.js (695 Bytes)

When i include js file just after dhtmlxgrid.js i get following error

Error: Expected ';'

This error comes only when i include the js file. but still with this error i can get data will cell node unchanged i.e. i can get value with nodes 134

but if i add the patch code at the end of dhtmlxgrid.js then i get the same error and also data does not populate in grid. please help me to resolve it.

ok i fixed it. the patch you sent had space which caused error.

following was the error line code
var cellsCol = this.xmlLo  ader.doXPath(this.xml.cell, xml);

which when made as follows ran
var cellsCol = this.xmlLoader.doXPath(this.xml.cell, xml);

Sorry for inconvenience, previously attached patch was really broken during upload. (692 Bytes)