Custom XML tags have global scope?

On this page

is explained that we don’t have to use rows, row and cell. We can use custom XML tags instead. But it seems to me that commands like:"rowset";

will have global effect. It means if I have additional grids and I don’t define for them the, xml.row and xml.cell then the one defined above will refer to other grids. Why is that? How to set the XML tags with local scope? Or am I doing something wrong?

will change the tag for the “myGrid” grid only.

If you have another grid “myGrid2” the changed code won’t be applied to it.

Hi sematik

please take a look at the following pages:

Working example:

NOT Working example:

The only difference is on lines:"rows"; // should not be commented out
myGrid.xml.row="./row"; // should not be commented out
myGrid.xml.cell="./cell"; // should not be commented out

The .xml file:

So is this a bug in the DHTMLX library?

I apologize for the delay.
you’re right. The problem is confirmed.
Please, try to use the following format for a workaround:
otherGrid .xml = {
top: “rowset”,
row: “./Row”,
cell: “./*”,
s_row: “row”,
s_cell: “cell”,
row_attrs: [],
cell_attrs: []