Customcombo set selection


we have the problem that we have a combobox-column in our grid.

Selecting values works fine but when we restore the grid we only see the key and not (as epected) the value for this key.

Our idea was to walk through the comboboxes after grid is loaded an set the value for the key.
But it seems we cannot use dhtmlx-combobox-api for comboboxes in dhtmlxgrids.

When we use getCustomCombo it seems we can only use this:

[code] combo.put(value,label) - adds a new record in the collection;
combo.remove(value) - removes a record from the collection;
combo.clear() - removes all records from the collection;

combo.size() - returns the current size of the combo box;
combo.get(value) - returns the label by value;
combo.getKeys() - returns the array of all possible values; - saves the current state;
combo.restore() - restores the previously saved state.[/code]

So how can we set the active option here?
And is there a way to use the “bigger” dhtmlxcombo-api here?

Try to set the type of your column to “combo”.

We are using 2.5 pro and use the connector for loading/saving.
In this scenario mygrid.setColTypes([…],combo") isn’t working.
Errormessage says that combo is not a valid column type.


  // vergibt die Breite der jeweiligen Spalte

  // vergibt lese- (ro) bzw. schreibrechte (ed); co sorgt für die Erzeugung der Combo-Box
  // Schnittstelle zur Datenbank, die die Daten beinhaltet.


please, make sure that your code inlcudes dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js, dhtmlxcombo.js extensions




we’re using the compiled full lib version of 2.5.
Do we have to add it additionally and where can we download the latest full version with the js files included?

In our version i don’t find the /codebase/excells/dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js

dhtmlxgrid_excell_combo.js is available in PRO version only.

Please, make sure that you really have PRO version of dhtmlxGrid.