Custome timeline section


I need to add a toggle button for each timeline section. I changed the label section property and adding the html. The problem is that every time the scheduler resizes the buttons looses the state.

How can I prevent the scheduler from render sections again on resize ?

Thanks in advance.

the scheduler re-renders the sections on resize, and it can’t be cancelled. You can create on your page an object which will keep the state of your buttons. So when you render section label (and button) you take the state and apply.

Ok, added a function in “onSchedulerResize” to keep the buttons state.

Thank you ¡

One more thing. Every time an event changes, the section re-renders ¡¡

Whether the event is dragged, deleted or modified the sections renders again.

Is there any event like “onAfterSectionRender” or should I keep the buttons state on every single event like: onDragout, etc ??