Customise edit or create dialog with custom values

I am looking for customizing the dialog box by adding additional values which currently appears when we select create and update.

As of now, I can enter text, datefrom and dateTo and Id but what if I want to add some more data fields to the dialog while displaying and save the data to database

Looking for example to understand customization of the dialog

Hello @suresh9sb ,

As I understand, you mean the lighbox by the dialog box, am I right? Please correct me if I mistake.

If so, you can add different controls in two ways, the first one - is by the scheduler server side config, as described by the following link:

The second one(and the more flexible) is to add controls using the client side API - as it provides more options to customization, you can find the client side methods by the following links:
Lightbox controls:
Custom control:

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