Customising the timespan on the left hand


I know the time step can be set (minimum 5 minutes) but is it possible to change the time slots in the left hand side from 1 hour slots to say 30 minute or even 10 minute slots? I have a requirement to display scheduled information in pre-defined time periods (namely 10 minute slots) so this would be very useful for that.


yes, it’s possible. You can define template for timeslosts
it may look like

[code]function setTimestep(step){
var format ="%H:%i");
var lineHeight = 21;

scheduler.templates.hour_scale = function(date){
	var html="";

	for (var i=0; i<60/step; i++){
		html+="<div style='height:"+lineHeight+"px;line-height:"+lineHeight+"px;'>"+format(date)+"</div>";
		date =,step,"minute");
	return html;


and usage


you should call this function before scheduler.init:

Thank you for the quick reply. I’ll have a look at implementing this.