Customization on read only and highlight of current day

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been taking a break but am back at doing more customization on the scheduler. Hoping there is an easy way to do this.

First question I believe should be changed in the css but I can’t find the correct key to change. In my current css the current day is highlighted as yellow. I would like to change it to another color.

2nd question, I have the entire scheduler in read only mode now so no one can make any changes. I’ll like to make it editable to only specific users, Is there a way I can do it so that only certain users can edit the scheduler based on like the id they login to their pc?

Any help given is greatly appreciated.

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  1. the highlighting is done via background image, you can use this class to redefine it.dhx_scale_holder_now { background-image: url(imgs_dhx_terrace/databg_now.png); }
  2. you can enable readonly mode conditionally. The code of the condition can be either on the client or on the server (i.e. you can render js code to the page on server side if the conditions are met), for example in php:

[code]<?php if(!$canEdit) { ?>

<?php } ?>[/code]

Hi Aliaksandr,

Thank you for your prompt reply, I tried your suggestion and change the image for both databgnow.png and databg.png and it worked but only for the Day and Week view, the Month and Year view is still showing the incorrect color/background image. I am currently using the dhtmlxscheduler_flat.css. What else do I need to change?

In regards to the 2nd question, I am not too familiar with php, my current setup is default.html as the main page and I am using the .net connector. How would I go about turning off read only when I detect a specific windows login? I’m planning to let myself have edit mode but not other viewers so there should not be a need to have a database/table of logins. Hard coding my login id somewhere would work as well i think, if it is possible.

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Hi ,
I have added a background image code in dhtmlxscheduler_flat.css file.
.dhx_scale_holder_now {
background-image : url(“background.jpeg”);
border-right : 1px solid #CECECE;
color: #FFFFFF
But my current day in week view of Timeline is not getting highlighted?Help needed asap!
Thank you :slight_smile: