Customization required in dhtmlxscheduler and dhtmlxcalendar


I have contacted the sales department to know the additional fees for the customization of the scheduler and calendar component. But i didn’t get any response from the sales departmant.

I wish to know whether it is possible to customize the components according to our requirement?

If possible can plz tell the fee you will charging for customization.

Following area requires Customization :

1. Include a file upload element in the event window to attach a files (using custom detail form)and save the uploaded file to a location in server side.We also need the ability to delete , edit and upload the file in the event window.

2. To display a minimal view calendar, we are using dhtmlxcalendar component. In dhtmlxcalendar we need to display all the days having events in different color.The events are stored in the database.Load all the events from the database and mark those days having events with different color in dhtmlxcalendar.

3. In the bottom of dhtmlxcalendar , we need to add buttons such as exit,Today. ’ Today ’ button to display the month view with current day as selected and ’ exit ’ button to close the dhtmlxscheduler window .

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the message sent to is received.

We are reviewing it. Sorry for delay. The answer will be sent by email.


Thank you,expecting your reply soon.