Customize editorshape when card is selected

How to customize the editorshape in kanban so that when i click on card only the related card fields should be visible on editorshape

For example we have two type say story and test task, both have different sets of filed in the out product, we want to show respected field only in editorshape and not all static fields

Hello @sjindal ,

I’m afraid this is not possible at the moment. However, I’ve passed your request to the so this functionality may appear in the future updates. We will notify you when it is ready.

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Hi @MariyaDemy,

Thanks for your replay, i tried one workaround it works on first click on card but later onward it is not working. here is the snippet - DHTMLX Snippet Tool

If you check the console log the code is not working after first time the card is clicked , any idea or workaround you may have, after looking at this snippet.

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