Customize Excel export


I have a grid with headers and cells customized in HTML. Header has small images and cells have some basic HTML.

But when I’m exporting the grid to Excel, it is exporting all the custom HTML, making it difficult to read for the end user.

Is there a way I can customize what information will be exported? I would like to export some plain text instead of HTML in headers and cells.

Thank you


Unfiorunatly there is no possibility to change the format of the exporting data.


It’s very strange on how the component allows you to customize header and cells with html and when exporting to excel, you can’t change those to plain text easily.

Anyway I was able to do that making a deep clone of the grid object (using ramda or lodash) and modifying the properties manually.
For headers I have modified the properties in grid.config.columns.header[0].text and for cells you need to modify the properties inside

Important to state that you need to deep clone the grid object, otherwise changes will reflect in the grid displayed for the user.