Customize Q-tip when mouse over an item in grid


I have a tree grid object. By default, when mouse over the item, it show Q-tip of cell’s data. How can I customize to show different info? I only see enableRowsHover() method, which only enable/disable, don’t know how to show different Q-tip.

Thank you.

a) you can define title attribute of cell tag in XML ( same can be done through js api)
b) for more complex tooltip handling you can override onMouseMove event of the grid.

thank you for your suggestion, so I have a onmouseover function like:

grid.attachEvent(“onMouseOver”, function(id, ind) {
alert(grid.cellById(id, ind).getTitle());
return true;

I am able to get the ‘title’ attribute this way. But I tried .setTitle() and tried to get title attribute as ._attris[‘title’] and .title, could get the title attribute of cell, so I couldn’t change the Qtip text.

Please help on that.

Thank you