Customize Templates.week_date in Calendar Controller ASP.NET


I need help on this point:

My project uses DHTMLX Scheduler .NET and is developed in ASP.NET MVC 5. I’m beginner in Javascript and i dont’t know much abut the language.

So my question is: How to change the format of the date for the week view but from the calendar controller without using or modifying some javascript file?

Thanks in advance!

You need to use built-in template to set required date format.
These articles should help you … other.html

thanks @Polina !, but i think that this property need two parameters instead of one (date, date). How i set the properly format? for “date1” and “date2” in the CalendarController?

For example: I wish to modify the format from the default template: %j %M %Y - %j %M %Y

To this final format: %j %M %Y : %j %M %Y

In the week view header (I just changed the “-” character to “:” between the dates, but it’s just an example).

Thanks in advance (My apologies for my short experience in knowledge).

As you can see, template function has 2 parametres: start and end dates. They contain different values. … plate.html

To set the format with “:” between the dates ( %j %M %Y : %j %M %Y ), please use this way

scheduler.templates.week_date = function(start, end){
return scheduler.templates.day_date(start)+" : "+