Customize the filtering of dhtmlxcombo

I want to customize the functionality of filtering for combo. The current behavior is that when we punch in the characters in the combo text, it filters the combo elements to show the matching items. However it doesn’t show rest of the elements in the list. I want to alter this behavior and show all the items in the list.
For example:
If the combo shows “Various” as combo text which was explicitly by onBlur event when multiple items are checked. Then the user clicks in the combo, it should open the full list of items as opposed to current filtering behavior where it does not show anything since various doesn’t feature in the list.

Any clue…how can this can be achieved?



you may try to use the following to show all options after opeing combo:

combo.attachEvent("onOpen",function(){ window.setTimeout(function(){ var text = combo.getComboText(); combo.setComboText(""); combo.filterSelf(); combo.setComboText(text); },1); })

Alexandra - I tried the fix and it worked as well. However it has introduced another issue. As soon as I backspace the combo text value, the previous page gets loaded. As though the back button on the browser has been clicked. This is strange.