Customized task types in gantt


SIR. I know TASK, PROJECT , AND MILESTONES are the default tasktypes in gantt. i want to customize it. i dont to change that task type name to something else . is it possibile? i dont want to display task,milestones,and project in the drop down list type. i want to replace them by my own names.


If I’m not wrong, only PRO version and above can do that.
Open-source does not allow for custom task type.


I’m having paid pro version. I need help


Hello Amal,
If you want to show different task type names in the lightbox, you can change that in the gantt.locale.labels variable:
Here is an example of how it works:


If you want to change more than just names, you need to apply more modifications. The following article explains what you need to change:
And here is the sample with the custom task type: