customizing grid and tabs colors fail

Hi, this is my first post :slight_smile:. I have been using xgrid for about five months.

I am using the base sky blue skin for the grid and tab controls. I want to change a few things color wise, but nothing I try works. I am using Professional version 4.02 pro and have the full suite.

First, I tried the skin builder. When I installed in by writing over the sky blue skin, the grid could not find what it needed and displayed everything with no positioning or color.

The problem is; the client wants five column headers black, and the last few white with black borders (Yes I know, ugly) but the skin builder has no option for multi colored columns, and also makes one of the alternating rows black. They also want the highlighting color of the tab selected to be different from the no one selected ones. I can’t find a way to do this.

Since this is a strange color scheme, I thought to do it in JavaScript using the grid api. That has not worked out very well either. The color changes are ignored and display the default colors.

These calls do not fail, the are overridden somehow. Some method calls I have tried:
Change column colors

grid.enableAlterCss(“odd”, “even”); with odd and even defined as CSS classes

What makes my environment unique is the script and display page are loaded dynamically via Ajax, not statically like so many examples of grid implementations I have seen. Perhaps this is a factor causing my troubles.

For changing the header columns style you may try to use the setHeader() method.
For example:
mygrid.setHeader(“column1”,null,[“background-image:none; background-color:red”]);

For other style customizations you may try to use th setStyle() method: