Customizing Lightbox button text does not work

Please see the sample below, also not that there is a discrepancy between the sample and the help docs - I have tried both options and neither seem to work

Hello @Al4,

It really looks that there are some misplaces in documentation and sample, thank you for noticing it. I sent it to our tech writers, and the documentation will be updated in the future.

For now, there are two ways of changing the button labels:

Before calling gantt.init you can access labels with the following syntax:

gantt.locale.labels["icon_save"] = "Test Save";
gantt.locale.labels["icon_cancel"] = "Test Cancel";
gantt.locale.labels["icon_delete"] = "Test Delete";

After initialize you will be also able to access them with this syntax:

  gantt.locale.labels["gantt_save_btn"] = "Test Save";
  gantt.locale.labels["gantt_cancel_btn"] = "Test Cancel";
  gantt.locale.labels["gantt_delete_btn"] = "Test Delete";                                              

Here is a demo with both ways: