Customizing lightbox configuration

Hi All,

     I was using DHTMLX scheduler in my current project. In that i am using recurring events. I need to do some customization like the datetime to use this format (yyyy-mm-dd). I included to use minicalendar. But the default format is coming as (dd-mm-yyyy). Also I wanted to make reccurring events End by date textbox to use minicalendar and format as specified above.

    And one more thing, when using reccuring event schedule, why there is an availability to still the user can select Fullday, From and To date selection. Anyone please tell me the possibilities that i can customize to work with this plug in.


Format of calendar can be defined as

scheduler.templates.calendar_time ="%d-%m-%Y");

Format of end date in recurring form

scheduler.config.repeat_date = "%d-%m-%Y";

Can anybody tell me why there is an availability to choose From, To dates with time when using recurring event.

start and end time allows to define event length ( if you have recurring event which occurs only for two hours once a week, and you can change it be three hours long )

Actually, I just wanted to know when using recurring events, there is a seperate option to choose reccurring time like, no end, – occurrences and End By. Out of these options why there is an availability in Time Period to select End Date and time …Please anyone explain this scenario.

From and To time defines start and end time of the single instance of event, the “end date” in recurring section defines when last instance of event will occur. You can have event which take two dates long ( defined by from and to fields ) and must occur will next month ( end date field )

Ok. But I think providing option for To date selection in Time period is not needed since we have option to select the days to occur also.