Customizing mini calendar ?

I am currently trying to find a way to modify the width and height of the mini calendar.

In my form I have a DhtmlxLayout (pattern 2U)
In the right part the scheduler
In the left part a DHTMLxAccordion containing 3 cells.
I put 3 mini calendards in the first cell of the Accordion.

The problem is that the mini calendar is not rendering correctly. (see attached picture file to see how it is currently rendering)

I have tried to look for a way to customize the mini calendar but it seems that I can’t.
Also, in the samples, the mini calendars are renderinf perfeclty, I am wondering if my problem is coming from the fact that I put the mini calendar in the DHTMLxAccordion

What I would like to do is to have the mini calendar with a width of 150 pixels and to have a correct render for the date inside the mini calendar (smaller boxes and without the 2 different colours has I have for the moment)

Thank for you help

It seems as some kind of css conflict ( header cells probably have some unwanted padding , which corrupts whole layout )

If you will be able to provide a working sample or some kind of demo link - I will be able to check - what is the real reason of the problem.