Customizing the display of scheduler data

Hello Team,

I used below code to show the data in the dhtmlx scheduler, that is working fine

scheduler.parse([ <?php echo EventData; ], “json”);

but i want to use some html pop-ups on the event click,
how can use the html in effective manner to display my data properly and showing my pop-up and some other html links properly?.

can i customize the html view for display of data


You can customize nearly all places in scheduler through templates

Also, check quick-info extension … oextension

Thanks Stanislav, its working.

i have one more problem suppose on the date of 1st aug there are 100 events
then my scheduler show all and it would be very bad,
what i want is to show only 2 events per day and a link like view more events to display rest
how can i restrict the scheduler only for 2 and how to show a link.

Thanks in advance.

Can be done in month view … ntsinacell