Customizing the Edit Bar to the left of the event box

I would like to add/remove some icons in the edit bar. Is there a recommended approach for this?



scheduler.config.icons_edit = ["icon_save", "icon_cancel"]; scheduler.config.icons_select = ["icon_details", "icon_edit", "icon_delete"];
You can add your own icon there and then style in the same way as existing ones.

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Awesome, thanks.

I presume that I can do the following:

# in js
scheduler.config.icons_select = ['icon_details', 'icon_start', 'icon_delete'];
scheduler.config.labels.icon_start = 'Start';

# in css
div.icon_start { background: ...; }

How would I add a click behavior to the icon_start icon?

  • Will

Like this?

$(document).on('click', '.icon_start', function() {
  // behavior here

Or is there a way in DHTMLX’s library to bind a function to an icon?

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I dug around a little and found this. I’m not sure if this is recommended or not. If there’s a better way, I’d love to hear it.

  scheduler._click.buttons.start = function(id) { alert(id) }


Yep, assigning through scheduler._click.buttons is the expected use-case
Somehow we have missed this info in the documentation :frowning:

I cant get any value about labels when I use console.dir(scheduler.config.labels);

labels are stored in scheduler.locale object console.log(scheduler.locale.labels.icon_details)