customizing units view

in units view we see events daily, if duration of an event is more than one day there is paging and we have to swithc to next page. I want to customize units view so that i can see events in a larger time scale. In one page there y-axis shall include more than one day. In y-axis can i replace hours with days?

Unfortunatelyt there is no simple way to do so
But it sounds as interesting idea, we can check how it can be done in future versions.

hi stanislav thanx for the response. Actually i did a trick on gantt chart section by changing dayInPixels value and not displaying the day names to get a month scale instead of day scale. I want to do similar trick here, on scheduler we have “hour_size_px” value that corresponds to “dayInPixels” value in gantt. I can zoom the scheduler by changing this value here i show screens to explain better:

original look of unit view:

after i derease hour_size_px

Now the problem is ther is paging for every day and in one screen we see only one day data. If you can help me where in code that paging is implemented i can modify that part and show multiple days in one screen which will solve my problem.

Sorry pictures dont look properly, here is new links



sorry again they were both modified version i added wrong :laughing:
here is original :

You can set last hour greater than 24 to increase length of the scale.

scheduler.config.last_hour = 24*3;

Unfortunately event renderer is not purposed for such setup and most probably fail
You can try to use it in combinaton with all-timed extension
still, I’m not sure that it will work correctly for all cases.

thaks Stanislav,
it kind of worked, i mean it listed 3 days in one page which is what i aimed. i already know how to change its length and i can modify hour names with day names ( 1 day name shown for each day). I feel like this will work for me i m going to try right now. But i didnt get what you mean by “event renderer is not purposed for such setup and most probably fail”. can you explain more?

nvm i understood what you mean now :slight_smile: . it lists 3 days in one page but acts like only 1 day of event is drown, so if there is an event that lasts 2 days it draws it in 2 pages = 6 days :smiley: .
I will try to solve this i appreciate your help.