Cyrillic charset problems

I want to make table from mysql with Grid. Mysql table I need is cp1251_general_ci.

I took code from tutorial like:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta content="text/html; charset=windows-1251" http-equiv="Content-Type" />
var contactsGrid = layout.cells("a").attachGrid();
contactsGrid.setHeader("Phone, Name, Address") // (written in Cyrillic)


require("../codebase/connector/grid_connector.php");//adds the connector engine
$res=mysql_connect("localhost","root","");//connects to server with  db
//mysql_select_db("dhtmlx_tutorial");//connects to db with name "dhtmlx_tutorial"  
mysql_query("SET CHARACTER SET 'cp1251'",$res);  
$conn = new GridConnector($res);    

It outputs Cyrillic names of colums correctly, but there ??? in cells. When I try to make same table via simple PHP

$db = mysql_connect("localhost", "root");
mysql_query ("SET CHARACTER SET 'cp1251'", $db); 
$result=mysql_query ("SELECT ...

all is OK, though without mysql_query (“SET CHARACTER SET ‘cp1251’”, $db); I also got ???.

How can I output Cyrrilic correctly ?

Please, try to define the encoding in your connector: … etencoding

Thanks, I’ve also fount it, but it didn’t help.

$conn = new GridConnector($res);            

May be I use set_encoding incorrectly or there is some other way ?

Which encoding you are using for the HTML page?
Can you save and share the XML output from the problematic script? ( please attach it as a file to preserve the encoding )

In the index.html I user Windows-1251



As I said, column headers in Cyrillic are displayed correctly

contactsGrid.setHeader("Телефон, Имя, Адрес") // (written in Cyrillic)

How can I save xml output ?

Here is text of index.html, connector contacts_cyr.php and sql table

Please, try to add the following line in your php file:
mysql_query(“SET NAMES cp1251”);

$res=mysql_connect("localhost","root","");//connects to server with db mysql_select_db("test"); mysql_query("SET NAMES cp1251"); $conn = new GridConnector($res); //initializes the connector object $conn->set_encoding("windows-1251"); $conn->render_table("cyr","tel","name, adr, tel"); //loads data ?>

Use UTF encoding everywhere in source code as default.
For correct encoding data from database use method


I had likewise case and all works fine.