Cyrillic letters in description and values of Custom Fields

Good day for everyone.
So, as subject says, we can’t use cyrillic letters in custom fields … after saving changes, instead of cyrillic letters, we have equal number of question marks, f.e. word “abc321Пример” will transform to “abc321???” … in database field scheduler_xml cyrillic letters in normal condition, but in scheduler_php it stores in questions form.

last version of com_scheduler.
joomla 2.5.7
database and all tables and fields charset is utf-8

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Check the collation of the table and the custom fields in the database. It must be an UTF.
Scheduler itself doesn’t transform data in any way, so if the database and html page both are using UTF as encoding - data must be shown correctly.

Hello Stanislav and thank you for your respond :slight_smile:

As i say, database, table and columns have collation utf8_general_ci. Page have utf8 charset too.
But, after saving new field with cyrillic letters(CL), in database table “schedule_options” (f.e. schedule_php value field) we have question marks instead of CL.

So, seems like you don’t have any problems with CL and this component?)

Ok, guys, so sorry … it were wrong settings of our mysql server.

if anybody will meet with the same problem, just check your my.cnf for settings:

init-connect=‘SET NAMES utf8;’