D-N-D problem at the TreeGrid using dataprocessor

Hi everybody,
I m at a dificult situation here, i need do move rows at the same treegrid using the dataprocessor, but when i dnd an row, it try to delete the row at the last position and insert it at the new target. What i need to do is just update the child with the new parent. I believe this delete and insert occurs automaticaly, theres some way to avoid this behavior?? or some other way to do it??Some one have any idea??? I saw some examples but no one has this problem.

Thanks a lot

I have the corporative license and no one ever reply my posts here.


If you need to copy data gragging instead of moving it you may try to use mercy drag:

Thanks very mucho for the reply,

But i solved part of the problem using dp.setUpdateMode(“row”, true ), but now i have another problem, i m looking in my server-side paremeters and i dont receive the new parent id. Can you help me?

Thanks again

Try to use the following to get the parent of the dropped row:

mygrid.attachEvent("onDrop", function(sId,tId,dId,sObj,tObj,sCol,tCol){ parent=mygrid.getParentId(sId) alert (parent) });

Yes, this part i get it. But how do i send the parent id as a parameter for the Dataprocessor?

Thanks again

In this case you may add the needed parameter as a userData.