Daatprocessor not sends all Fields



i use an Dataprocessor as connector to an Grid.
Now i have the Problem, that an Column is not send in onBeforeDataSending data argument.
The Column is set in addRow of the Grid.
Is the Data given to addRow maybe “marked” as already send ? Can i “unmark” it ?


You may try to mark it as “updated” using the setUpdated() method:
docs.dhtmlx.com/api__dataproces … dated.html
But it is definitely not reason of the occurring problem. If it is still actual please, provide a complete demo or share with a demo link where the issue can be reproduced, so I can find the core of the problem.


Disableling PartialDataSend works at time for me.
Sry i havent the time to make an Demo at time.
SetUpdated havend changed anything. Only the “hand” updated columns are send.
Also setValue from the Grid dosend changes anything.


Disableling PartialDataSend works at time for me.
This is the expected behavior. partial sending mode changing the data sending method. And this technique is not compatible with the dhtmlxConnector.


I dont use an dhtmlxConnector.
I use onBeforeDataSending to prepare the data and send it with an own Routine since i use an own REST Server that needs an standard HTTP Login Method. So i expect from partialDataSend that all changed Fields are included. But thats in this case not so.

It seems that it only sends Fields that are changed by the user, not set by AddRow or setValue