Data Loading in Scheduler Control


The Scheduler control example in MVC using Linq to SQL. My project is in mysql and using n-hibernate so want to implment scheduler control where i can load data using my data layer and perform all the curd operations…

Can someone please guide me about this…

Currently we don’t have sample for NHibernate,
but logic will be pretty similar as for linq to sql.
In the Data action you should render collection of model objects using SchedulerAjaxData class.
In the Save action you need to perform appropriate operation, depending on type of DataAction, and render response using AjaxSaveResponse object

But can we modify the schema? If yes where we need to change in UI so it can reflect…

how can i configure it for nhibernate to sql?

we still don’t have ready example, I hope we’ll publish it in a week or two in our blog(at

Overall, it must be pretty basic. Configuration of scheduler have only two parts that relates to ORM - is data loading and saving changes
In ‘Data’ action you need to retrieve IEnumerable of event-objects from the database and pass it to SchedulerAjaxData helper. Note that data objects must have required properties such as id,text,start_date,end_date.
User changes must be applied in ‘Save’ action … ate_method
Type of operation can be retrieved with DataAction helper, data-values can be accessed directly from the request form. After that you only need to update model with request values(or delete related item, or insert a new one) and generate response with provided AjaxSaveResponse helper