Data not displayed

I’ve modified the sample code but no data appears. I do have the areas for the grid and pivot and I have the buttons but no data. Does anyone know why?

            <input type="button" name="a1" value="show external pivot" onClick="mygrid.makePivot('gridboxP')" />
            <input type="button" name="a1" value="show pivot" onClick="mygrid.makePivot()" />
            <input type="button" name="a1" value="hide pivot" onClick="mygrid.hidePivot()" />
        <div id="gridbox" style="width:600px;height:270px;background-color:white;"></div>
            <input type="button" name="a1" value="limited field set" onClick="mygrid.makePivot('gridboxP',{column_list:[null,'Title','Author','Money']})" />
            <input type="button" name="a1" value="predefined set" onClick="mygrid.makePivot('gridboxP',{x:1,y:2,value:3,action:0})" />
            <input type="button" name="a1" value="predefined set + readonly" onClick="mygrid.makePivot('gridboxP',{x:1,y:2,value:3,action:0,readonly:true})" />
        <div id="gridboxP" style=" width:600px; height:270px; background-color:white; background-color:silver;"></div>

Check your JSON request on

I tried the validator and received this error message:

Parse error on line 1:
'{ ', '[
Expecting ‘{’, ‘[’

But this is the data downloaded from dhtmlx. What do I need to do differently?

Any chance you’re mixing pro and standard files? I loaded your code as provided and it loaded fine.

Good luck,

If you checked your JSON request and got an error so you must correct the datas on server.
In '{ ', '[ the comma is wrong.

You should launch your example from any kind of server through http://