Data not loading initially in IE with javascript error

We have deployed the dhtmlxschedular .net recently on the website. Inititllay it loads the calendar with no data. We can see the data only after refreshing the page. We are using IE 11 and also when calendar loads it gives attached javascript error.
I am using scheduler.Data.Loader.PreventCache(); in my code also.
This error is not coming if we use chrome.

I have tried refreshing the page by
scheduler.attachEvent(“onXLE”, function () {
This does not work either,

Please let us know the solution to this problem.

Thanks in advance.

can you attach an example project, or give some details on data model you use and the configuration of the scheduler?

I forgot to mention that I am embedding calendar in a SharePoint web-part. But even if I run the project on lower versions of IE I get the same error and I need to refresh the page again. Also sometimes if I refresh it back again you can not see the data. So it does not work correctly as per the error says.
Here is my attached scheduler configuration code. I am using mvc

Thanks, (2.12 KB)

I will appreciate the solution to this issue if anyone has it.

Thanks in advance.