Data Processor Error (Event Master)

I am getting the following Errors from my connector page.

Strict Standards: Declaration of GridConnector::fill_collections() should be compatible with Connector::fill_collections() in /home/ccccp041/public_html/websites/ToolRegister/codebase/connector/grid_connector.php on line 126

Fatal error: Class ‘EventMaster’ not found in /home/ccccp041/public_html/websites/ToolRegister/codebase/connector/base_connector.php on line 339[/code]

Here is the code for the connector that I am using.

require("../codebase/connector/grid_connector.php");//adds the connector engine
$res=mysql_connect("localhost","Username","Password");//connects to server with  db
mysql_select_db("MYDBName");//connects to db with name "dhtmlx_tutorial"  
$conn = new GridConnector($res);             //initializes the connector object
$conn->render_sql("Select * from inf-tools","ID","ID,Employee,Tool,Qty,ToolCode,Notes,Date,Signature");  //loads data
//the method takes: the table's name, the id field, a list of fields to load

Any Help on this would be much Appreciated.


Please try to use the latest version, it can be taken from github

I’m still getting the following even with the newest version of the connector.

Fatal error: Class ‘EventMaster’ not found in /home/ccccp041/public_html/websites/ToolRegister/codebase/connector/base_connector.php on line 352

Please, make sure that you’ve updated all the files from the latest connector build.
Here is the link for downloading: …

I have copied all the new files across and am still getting the same error.

I have replaced all the files in the codebase folder for the actual DHTMLX applications with the originals as well as replaced the connector files with the originals in the zip file from the above and I am still getting this error message.

Could you please, provide withe a complete demo or share with a demo (and the using server-side code), where the problem can be reconstructed.

I was able to resolve this issue over the weekend.

the issue was my DataProcessor file was called tools.php which was causing issues as there is a source file with the same name.I
I renamed my tools.php to toolsCustom.php and everything now works as expected.
Thansk for your assistance.

  • Lewis