Data processor functions setUpdated(), sendData(), and getState() fail with recurring events


I receive an error (Please see the attached screen snapshot) when I invoke one of the following functions on the data processor with recurring events:
setUpdated(), sendData() and getState(string|number id) functions

A code fragment and screen snap shot is attached for your reference. This works as expected with non-recurring events but fails with recurring events. How do I use these functions with recurring events. Please advise.Thank you for your help,


Hello @muhammmadahmed_ma ,

Sorry for the delay with the answer.
In case of manual updating of a single occurrence, you should create a new event(the addEvent method) with the same event_pid as the main recurring event, event_length(sec) is a timestamp from a start_date of the occurrence you want to change. All other fields are the same that in a usual event, for example:

	end_date: new Date(2018, 09, 22, 11, 00, 00),
	start_date: new Date(2018, 09, 21, 11, 00, 00),
	id: "2#1540202400",
	event_length: 1540364400,
	rec_type: "",
	event_pid: "2",
	text: "updated 1540364400"



Or you can manually create required records in a DB as mentioned in the following doc: