data processor posting twice


I have a dataprocessor for a grid. I recently switch from


oDPGrid.setTransactionMode(“POST”, true);

to this:


oDPGrid.setTransactionMode(“POST”, false);

But now for some reason, the update is sent “TWICE” to the server. Why is it sending the update 2 times?

In “cell” mode, update will be sent after value of any cell was changed. So if you edit two cells in the same row - the update will be sent for each edit operation.
If you have double sending after editing a single cell - please try to include dhtmlxdataprocessor_debug.js in addition to existing files - it will show exact chain of events, which causing data sending. If it still not clear - please provide content of debug console ( generated by _debug.js ) for incorrect scenario.

Double post does not happen on update only on delete.  Attached is debug. (901 Bytes)

The content of log is pretty weird , it seems that client side code sends data twice without any logical reason.
Which version of dataprocessor you are using?

Please try to update existing js files to the attached ones ( backward compatible )
Also, by any chance, are you have direct calls for dp.sendData or dp.setUpdated in your code? (13.9 KB)

Ok, I will try to update the file with the one you sent. 

And yes, I do have direct calls to dp.sendData().  If you notice in the debug file I sent, I provide a link in the last column to “delete” each row.  The “delete” link calls javascript which does the following:


Does this cause a problem? 

>>Does this cause a problem?

Yes. When using “cell” update mode, the grid will send data request automatically after any data changing operation. So, when deleteRow executed grid sends data to the server , and after that you are initiating second data sending by oDPGrid.sendData
To resolve issue just remove sendData command or change dataprocessor to different update mode.

Thank you! That fixed it!