Data Processor with Gantt

Hi all

I’m having an issue with the data processor connected to a Gantt chart.

Our app requires the Gantt chart to not auto update - we need our clients to be able to make multiple edits and then click “save” to actually post the data back to the server.

Our configuration to do this is fine, setting the data processor’s update mode to ‘off’ works great.

The issue we are having is when we create a task or two and then create a link between them. The data processor seems to forget all about the altered tasks as soon as the link is created, and similarly forgets about the link as soon as a task is updated. When the type of object changes, it knows that there are multiple of that type to be sent.

An example:

I create a task, new ID: 123. In my console I run:


I create a second task, ID: 456


Now I create a link between them, ID: 789


The task IDs are removed from the array.

Now, I add a third task, ID: 147


The link is no longer in the array.

Ideally, we’d be able to call dp.sendData() once and send both tasks and links, but it seems like this is not the way it works in practice.

Has anyone solved this problem or has a way of solving it?