Data Processor with TIMESTAMP field

I’m using a TIMESTAMP field with a MySQL database, and find that, when the Data Processor sends an update it includes this field, preventing MySQL from updating the value. As a result, the field is never changed.
Is there any way of forcing the Data Processor to exclude a specific field? I have tried removing the field name from the PHP code:

$grid = new GridConnector($current_model, "PHPYii");
$grid->configure("-", "id", $column_ids);
  • in the code, the PHP variable $column_ids is a list of fields - I’ve excluded the TIMESTAMP field, but it is still present in the parameters sent to the database.
    Because the field contains the current value, MySQL does not update it.

Code of connector doesn’t control which fields are retrieved from client side, but if you are not using “timestamp” in list of fields, that field must not be included in the auto-generated SQL code for select and update operations.

You can enable logs to check the exact SQL code generated during the processing of request.