Data Structure in tree connector

I want to use tree connector.


But the system tell me the error in data stucture.
And I use a XML file for data, it is ok.

Therefore I want to ask the data structure type when I use tree connector in database.

e.g. how to define the data stucture , field name, field type and data.

Normally it expect to have structure as

id parent_id text
where parent_id reffer to id of parent element ( 0 for top elements )
of course you can change names of fields in connector configuration.


I understand your data structure. But still the error.

Error Type : Data Structure 

Description : XML refers to not existing parent

The existing parent has any setting ?
I use your code define and ask about what is data content ?
The below data content is ok ?

id  = '1'
parent_id  =  '0'
text = 'node 1'

Or any more information about it ?

Data looks fine,

“Description : XML refers to not existing parent”

It means that generated xml points to not existing parent.
Can you try to open data feed directly in browser, and post here xml, which it generates.

Can you give more explaination and suggestion ?

It hard to suggest anything, without knowing which data was generated


I know your point !

Otherwise, I have get the data in a grid. Then I want to ask how convert this grid data to XML file format ?

Because I want to try directly using a XML file !

For your explaination, I also work directly for a signle XML file. But I need to convert the grid data to XML file in my case.

But I need to convert the grid data to XML file

grid.serialize() will produce xml string, which can be saved to server and saved there.