Data Update from 2 forms and 1 datastore

Hi !

The situation is:

I have one datastore, one grid and several forms (form_1, form_2) bind to the grid that showme the details (every form is in a tab).
I have one Save button.

When I clic the Save button I have the code:;;

The problem is that when the system executes makes a reload of the info from the datastore in the form2.
So, at the end the data form the form2 is never saved.

How can i solve it ?

Thanks a lot!!!


Check … _savebatch

You can use

data.saveBatch(function(){;; });

Thanks a lot for the answer!!

i didn’t know the instruction saveBacth().

I change the code:;;

for the code you send me:


But the result is the same.
It only saves the first form, then clear the second. Maybe i have to add more code ??

Thanks a lot!

Please attach full js code of form and datastore initialization and saving, the above code must be enough for saving multiple forms