data validation using dhtml xgrid


I am using dhtml xgrid with DataProcessor, I have a problem like I need to check each and every cell after onCellEdit with respect to empty or not empty.

I am getting the data from Database that which column is NULL and which column is NOT NULL. so I would like to add an hidden property/property like nullable to each header column and when onCellEdit I wants to get the value of nullable and do the validation respect to the cell using nullable variable. if condition pass/fail I want to display en alert message.

Can u please help me inthis regard, how to solve this problem?

Is there any function like we are adding column id using setColumnIds(), to do the above one?



You can store necessary info in userdata sections

 not null
mygrid.attachEvent(“onEditCell”,function(stage, id, ind, value){
 if (stage==2 && mygrid.getUserData("",“column_”+ind) && value=="")
  alert(“value not valid”);
 return true;