I dont get it.
I like (need ?) to use data connetor to make my grid updating the database.
I checked all documents and samples, no go!
There is NO server side example how to do this.

You wrote to me :
Are you using dataprocessor for data saving? (answehr : yes, I have no choice, do I ?)
In such case check that after adding new row, server side responds with valid new row id ( action@tid attribute )

What is this ?

where do I do this, maybe in :
myDP = new dataProcessor(“showperiods_server.php?id=<? echo $id; ?>”);

And how ? Just echo the xml ?

If I buy a licence do i get access to some more information ?
Like this, your widgets are not usable (ment like that ?)
I just have a grid, I want to update a mySQL datebase correctly.

Please help me out here.