Dataprocessor and Loadcsv


I’d like to use the loadCSVString method to load CSV from a text area into a grid. I’d then like the check the data in the grid before sending it off to the server for saving with dataprocessor.

However, I am having a problem with dataprocessor as it doesn’t seem to recognise the loaded data as ‘changed’, hence I don’t get the bolding of the row when I load the data.

Is there some method I can trigger after the loadCSV to ‘fool’ dataprocessor into thinking the rows have changed and hence go bold (and then insert?)

Cheers and thanks,

You can call
where dp - dataprocessor object

In your case it will be


Thanks for that - However I did need to modify the code slightly as it wouldn’t update the freshly loaded data. I called this function:

 function load_data () {
            // called after data loaded into grid

            myDataProcessor2.setUpdated(id,true); });

And all works fine.

Cheers and thanks.