DataProcessor and smartrendering

I am using a datastore that is loaded from a JSON data connector to populate a grid. I am not using dynamic loading/paging but am trying to improve performance on large data sets with grid.enableSmartRendering(true). Without that function everything works okay (except for the slowness).

When using enableSmartRendering my grid loads about 30 initially based on the scrollbar size, I can scroll a bit further down and it adds 1 row at a time until about 40 of 5000 then I can no longer scroll down to display more rows.

The function grid.getRowsNum() says 5000 so I know this is just a display/scrollbar issue.

Please provide a demo link or a code of the sample where issue can be checked.
( you can send file directly to if you do not want to publish it on forum )
Also, you are using dhtmlxSuite 3.6, right ?

Here is a link to a demo page using 3.6. Removing the enableSmartRendering line it loads all 5000 records properly.

My goal is to improve performance but still being able to search/sort/group the full data set with a large number of records.

Caused by custom css
You have the next rule applied to grid

div.gridbox_dhx_web table.obj tr td { height: 1.3em !important;

You need to remove “!important”, and srnd logic will be fixed.

I removed that part of the css which made the page appear to load properly at first but there are large gaps of missing rows. Do you see anything still that would cause that?

You have altered default height of row in the css to 30px
That is fine, but you need to add one more command to grid init

grid1.setAwaitedRowHeight(30); … drowheight

Thanks that seemed to work.

Should column sorting work with this? It seemed to work on one of your demos without anything extra.

You can try to enable sort-through-sync

mygrid.sync(data,{ sort:true, filter:true });