dataprocessor can not update and

I can get the data from database , but don’t update data to database, I used myDataProcessor.enableDebug, it show the error is :

xml status : correct

server response:

Parse error:syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in php\update(live).php on line 59

when I checked the line 59, it hasn’t some error, because this is the insert sql code,

$sql.=     “Values(’”.$_GET[“description”]."’,".$_GET[“qty”].",’"$_GET[“type”]."’,".$_GET[“cbm”].",".$_GET[“width”].",’".$_SESSION[“id”]."’)";

please help,

thank you very much

the following code my my testing code.

html code

php/get(live).php code




    $_SESSION[“id”] = microtime();



$link = mysql_pconnect($mysql_host, $mysql_user, $mysql_pasw);

$db = mysql_select_db ($mysql_db);


//include XML Header (as response will be in xml format)

if ( stristr($_SERVER[“HTTP_ACCEPT”],“application/xhtml+xml”) ) {

        header(“Content-type: application/xhtml+xml”);

        //header(“Content-type: text/xml”);


echo("<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"iso-8859-1\"?>\n");



    $_GET[“cbm”] = “0”;


if(isset($_GET["!nativeeditor_status"]) && trim($_GET["!nativeeditor_status"])==“inserted”){



    $sql =     “Insert into test(description,qty,type,cbm,width,GUID) “;

    $sql.=     “Values(’”.$_GET[“description”].”’,”.$_GET[“qty”].",’"$_GET[“type”]."’,".$_GET[“cbm”].",".$_GET[“width”].",’".$_SESSION[“id”]."’)";

    $res = mysql_query($sql);



    //set value to use in response

    $newId = mysql_insert_id();

    $action = “insert”;



}else if(isset($_GET["!nativeeditor_status"]) && $_GET["!nativeeditor_status"]==“deleted”){



    $d_sql = “Delete from test where id=”.$_GET[“gr_id”]." and GUID=’".$_SESSION[“id”]."’";

    $resDel = mysql_query($d_sql);


    //set values to include in response

    $newId = $_GET[“gr_id”];

    $action = “delete”;





    //update row

    $sql = " Update test set description=’".$_GET[“description”]."’,qty =".$_GET[“qty”].",type = ‘".$_GET[“type”]."’,cbm=".$_GET[“cbm”].",width =".$_GET[“width”]." where book_id=".$_GET[“gr_id”]." and GUID=’".$_SESSION[“id”]."’";

//$sql =     “Update test set description=”.$_GET[“description”].",qty=’".$_GET[“qty”]."’,type=’".$_GET[“type”]."’,cbm=".$_GET[“cbm”].",width=’".$_GET[“width”]."’,pub_date=".$_GET[“pubdate”]." where book_id=".$_GET[“gr_id”]." and GUID=’".$_SESSION[“id”]."’";

    $res = mysql_query($sql);


    //set values to include in response

    $newId = $_GET[“gr_id”];

    $action = “update”;




    echo “$newid = “.$newId;




        print(“SQL query error”);



As far as I can see you had miss a dot in next place