dataprocessor code in java

Hi guys,
i am using dhtmlxgrid to display data from database. I want to insert ,update into the database through dataprocessor. Please help me with some hints on how to write the processor in java.
Thank you.

You can try to use dhtmlxConnectors for Java extension. dhtmlxConnector is a set of Java classes which helps to simplify server side operations related to dhtmlx library components (dhtmlxGrid/TreeGrid, dhtmlxTree, dhtmlxCombo, dhtmlxScheduler).

You can download beta version here …

Tutorial is available here … orjava:toc

Thank you for your reply.
i have gone through these pages but not able to decide which class to extends or interface to implements to read those incoming values.

could you please help me with some simple code.

The next package …

contains a WAR sample package with samples of implementation.

I have use the class but i am getting error when i am trying to updating the contents. i can properly load the contents from the database.
During update It is giving NullPointerException . please help if you have any idea on how to sort out that problem.

Thank you guys for helping me out. Currently my code is working fine.