dataprocessor custom response


I use dataprocessor on dhtmlxgrid.

I custom response error like example. I send data row by row but I want that when a row is in error I active a flag and continue to send data. The row in error must be always in modification.

My code :

function gererErreur(obj)



    var rowId = obj.attributes.sid.value;

    var rowIndex = grid.getRowIndex(rowId);



    myDataProcessor.stopOnError = true;

    return false;


With this, others rows are not send.

If I delete stopOnError and return false, I have a loop.

If I delete stopOnError and return true, the row in error are not in update mode.


There is no solution, which will allow to continue data sending, and have row in updated state in same time.
Probably the best solution will be to store the IDs or error row in some temp array, and then, after all data processed ( can be catched by setOnAfterUpdate and getSyncState combination ) mark all necessary rows as updated ( dataproc.setUpdated(some_id,true )