dataProcessor -- Delete Row

Checking the general query log on the mysql server I see that the Data Processor is not properly quoting the value when issuing a delete. How can I correct this? Or am I doing something wrong?

From log:

Delete from gdstatus where UID=00000001’

Should be:

Delete from gdstatus where UID=‘00000001’

Code from html:

mygrid.attachEvent(“onBeforeRowDeleted”,function(id) {

if (mygrid.getUserData(id,"!nativeeditor_status")==“true_deleted”) return true;

if (!confirm(“Are you sure you want to delete data?”))




mygrid.setRowTextStyle(id,“text-decoration : none;”);


return false;


return true;


Actually DataProcessor is not quoting values at all. It use escaping for special chars but not adding any custom quotes. If you have UID value equal to 000000001 , it will generate URL as
without any quotes.

If you have some kind of quotes in your data which not recognized correctly on server side, you can try to change escaping mode

Of course… sorry for the dumb question. And thanks for the quick reply!