dataProcessor enableDataNames(true) broken

The dataProcessor enableDataNames(true) seems broken in version 2.6?
Code which worked fine with 2.5 does’t have the posted names anymore.
I use it from grid like:

grid.loadXML("shared/process.php?action=getGrid&table=table", function() { var dp = new dataProcessor("shared/process.php?action=editGrid&table=table"); dp.setTransactionMode("POST"); dp.enableDataNames(true); dp.setUpdateMode("cell"); dp.defineAction("error", errorHandler); dp.defineAction("insert",addHandler); dp.defineAction("update",processHandler); dp.defineAction("delete",processHandler); dp.init(grid); });

Old version post params in firebug:


Now shows:


Please help me soon as I really need this to work propperly again!

TIA, FranX

Problem was confirmed and fixed.

Please try to use attached js file instead of original one
(the same fix was added to the DataProcessor package which you can download with dhtmlxGrid package … (4.96 KB)