DataProcessor error handling


Is there a way to access the low level http response in DataProcessor? For example how can i handle the response to DataProcessor if the response is not a xml at all?

I downloaded grid sample to run locally on machine. i dont have the relevant database configuration, hence i was expecting to see some sort of the error when the auto update is turned on. however, DataProcessor doesn’t give any error message when the http response is the error echo message from the update.php. it didnt even cause a js error. if i didnt check firebug i would have no idea what happened.

is there a way i can set up a fallback action using defineAction to handle response that is not xml at all?


if the response is not a xml at all
Normally such situation can occur only in case of serious server side error.
Dataprocessor has not separate logic for error handling, but you can use global ajax error handling routines

dhtmlxError.catchError("LoadXML", function(type, name, params){ alert(params[0].responseText); //params[0] - raw http object });