Dataprocessor giving date to int conversion error

I have been trying to get the classic ASP example for render_sql to work with an SQL Server version of the grid50 db (01_grid_sql_MSSQL.asp)

The db structure is

id int auto-incrementing identity PK
item_nm varchar 255
item_cd varchar 255

I can enter new items and delete existing items but when simply editing and moving to another row I get

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Conversion failed when converting the varchar value ‘1/24/20119:34:27PM_4’ to data type int.

This occurs at line 820 in db_common.js

The sql it is sending seems to be

“UPDATE grid50 SET item_nm=‘’,item_cd=‘’ WHERE item_id=‘1/24/20119:30:05PM_2’”

There are no date fields in the DB

please help

Most probably you have provided the incorrect id field, or id field is not selecte in the custom sql query ( which leads to auto-generated ids and problems with data saving )

You guys are great!!

I didn’t specify the ID field in the query…