Dataprocessor in java

Hello everybody,

I am very new to the dhtmlx scheduler and I would like to use the dataprocessor to handle data in my java project. Unfortunately, I didn’t find how to download any sample code in java demonstrating how to use the dataprocessor. I am using REST in the project. Is there any code somewhere that could help me to get started ?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english !

There is no special REST-java example, but default java connector’s package contains example of using scheduler with dataprocessor and connectors on servers side. …

Yes I checked some of those samples, thanks. I thought there would be one for REST too. I have an error 405 right now on my delete method. The problem is that I have a parameter in my url:
var dp = new dataProcessor(“http://localhost:8180/fitnetmanager/rest/saisieConge/congeRESTData?cid=”+conversationId);
So know I don’t know how to handle the ID that is added at the end of the dataprocessor url when I have a delete/post/put request.
I tried:
public Response deleteCongeRest(@PathParam(“id”)Integer id){ … }

But this don’t work

So I managed to get the method called. But in my save method I found out that I do not get a Json type but a application/x-www-form-urlencoded type. This is really inconvenient because I have to handle the events in my scheduler with a MultivaluedMap. Is there a way to get a Json object ? This would be much mre easier to handle !

Thanks :wink:

If it is still actual - you can add the next patch on the page after standard dhtmlx.js, it will process url with extra params ( like some/url?cid=1 ) correctly. (880 Bytes)

I am getting an error with this patch: Uncaught ReferenceError: dhx4 is not defined :s

Sorry, it was patch for DHTMLX Suite.
For scheduler and gantt please use the attached one. (758 Bytes)

Thanks, I’m going to try this to see if it is better than what I have done. But my code is actually working :stuck_out_tongue: