'dataProcessor' is not defined but dhtmlxscheduler.js is imported



been trying to create a simple scheduler with dhtmlx-scheduler on node.js backend with express and react frontend. Database is mongoDB.

Created the api endpoints, tested with Postman. Api returns valid json in [{item1},{item2},{item n…}] format.

Built the component based on https://dhtmlx.com/blog/use-dhtmlx-scheduler-component-react-js-library-demo/ . I wanted to remove the hardcoded events and fetch mine from my database. For this I checked https://docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/server_integration.html .

However, when trying to instantiate dataProcessor with

var dp = new dataProcessor(“apiUrl”);

client crashes with “‘dataProcessor’ is not defined” error even tough dhtmlxscheduler.js is imported like shown in tutorial. Please advise what should be done.