DataProcessor is overwritting column style


I’m using dhtmlxGrid with the data processor.
When the user changes a value inside a column I update the dataprocessor like this:


and after that I change the font color of the single column inside the row to red to additionally highlight the changes:


This is working fine as long as the user doesn’t change a second column inside the same row. Because when calling dhxDataProcessor.setUpdated() the font color of the last changed column get’s overwritten in here:

	this.setRowTextStyle = function(row_id, styleString) {
		var r = this.getRowById(row_id)
		if (!r) return;
		for (var i = 0; i < r.childNodes.length; i++) {
			var pfix = r.childNodes[i]._attrs["style"] || "";
			if ((this._hrrar) && (this._hrrar[i])) pfix = "display:none;";
			if (_isIE) r.childNodes[i].style.cssText = pfix + "width:" + r.childNodes[i].style.width + ";" + styleString;
			else r.childNodes[i].style.cssText = pfix + "width:" + r.childNodes[i].style.width + ";" + styleString;

Has anyone an idea how I can easily avoid this without changing the code of the framework?

You can block row style changing after row updates by using

dp.attachEvent("onRowMark", function(){ return false; });

it will block style related operation while preserving all other functionality.